These constitute a most prevalent, incapacitating, persistent and painful condition which requires immediate correction and treatment if the benefit is to be obtained without operation.

The corner of the nail slopes with a curve downward and inward growing into the flesh and by pressure producing a constant dull pain. Usually involving the great toe, but not particularly sparing the others, it is often accompanied by infection with the consequent formation of pus.

The cause is essentially pressure exerted by ill-fitting shoes which are too short, too narrow across the ball of the foot and toes and too broad across the toes with high heels throwing the foot forward each time a step is taken.

Treatment primarily is corrective. Investigate the size of the sock worn. Measure the feet and accurately fit shoes. Cut the nail squares across and do not cut the corners round. To alleviate the pain caused by the pressure of the offending nail the following measures should be instituted. First, from in front with a sterile probe or forceps insert a small pledget of cotton under the nail between it and the flesh. Renew this every day until the nail is diverted from its abnormal tendency and grows out over the toe. Again the cotton may be packed in from the side and the flesh pushed away from the nail. Crane recommends dentist's base-plate gutta Percha which he claims possesses decided advantages over cotton. This it does. First, cut a small triangular piece, carefully heat it in a flame and insert under the edge of the nail. It molds itself to the shape of the parts and may be left until the nail grows in the correct direction. Where pus is present apply tr. iodine 3 1/2 per cent., alcohol and then liberate plus with a sterile needle. Cover the part with sterile gauze and send the individual to the medical officer.