This condition, usually chronic, is very prevalent and is not only disabling but also annoying and offensive. To control it heroic measures must be taken at the earliest opportunity and continued until the satisfactory benefit is derived or complete cure obtained. The sweat glands being unusually active in an individual with a very unstable circulatory or nervous system, there forms an excessive quantity of sweat which collects on the skin surface in a dried or liquid state. Mixed with skin debris, fatty material and dirt it forms an ideal culture medium far organisms which, acting upon the mass, cause decomposition. As a result of this and the constant moisture the skin becomes very soft, exquisitely tender and painful to pressure and easily comes oft thus forming blisters and abrasions. The appearance of the feet is characteristic. They arc congested and inflamed with scattered areas of red and white, sometimes interspersed with a blue-purple mottling. Treatment consists of a daily or bi-daily foot bath of cool water using as little of a high-grade toilet soap as possible. Change socks daily or hi-daily and wear, if procurable, canvas or cloth slippers with leather soles. Leather shoes aggravate the condition because the pores of the leather become occluded by the sweat and dirt, which forms an impenetrable barrier that prevents evaporation. Individual treatments which have been successful are as follows

1. Wash the feet with cold water.

2.Dry carefully.

3. Carefully apply to affected areas with the cotton tipped applicators the following:

(A) Commercial formalin (40 per cent. sol.. of formal dead parts or

(B) Water parts 90

Stillman recommends a 25 percent solution of aluminum chloride in distilled water, dabbed gently on the part every second or third day and allowed to dry. This will cause rapid amelioration of the condition. Three applications are usually sufficient. If the condition recurs treatment may be repeated. Pure glycerine rubbed on the feet has been recommended. After a successful treatment, a foot powder in small quantities may be placed in the shoe. The formula of which is given below:

Salicylic acid 3 parts

Boric acid 1o parts

Talcum powder 87 parts