The two devices used in this shoe-fitting system count for simplicity of operation and facility in measuring and fitting large numbers of men in the least possible amount of time. One device—the foot measuring machine—follows roughly the

safety shoes

contour line of the bottom of the adult human foot but is larger. This machine is of cast metal and has the heel position elevated to a correct height for positioning the human heel when the foot is being measured for the Marine Corps Shoe. A composite of the angles of the inner-soles and lasts of all Marine Corps sizes in the Marine Corps size range determines the angle at which the side wings are set. The operation and adjustment of the small pointer on the width scale moved by the spreading side wings have been thoroughly worked out. This machine essentially translates the foot length and width into the shoe size length and width. The second device—the shoe-fitting device—consists of a set of thin metal blades each possessing a metal knob one-half inch thick on one end. The lengths of these blades

respectively corresponds with a shoe length which they verify after the foot has been measured in the foot measuring machine. A study of the illustrations accompanying this section will readily make clear the construction and operation of these devices, Although the great majority of shoe wearing people have not normal feet according to the classic standard certain reservations are made and this measuring machine is constructed for the great average of supposedly normal feet according to the standards of today.

In attempting to measure markedly abnormal feet accuracy is sacrificed. For every established last there is a type of machine, e.g., the Marine Corps, Navy, and Army.