For some reason, there appears to be a tendency inherent in the human race to procure a casing for the foot which is too small.

As an extreme example, illustrative of this fact, it may be mentioned that the growth of the foot of the Chinese gentlewoman is stunted from infancy by tight coverings. This trait is again illustrated by the modern woman wearing a tight shoe, with a short vamp and a high heel, causing the foot to be extended, which- gives it an appearance of brevity. The male members do not escape this tendency, not even in a military organization. An examination of several thousand men on this station reveals that about So per cent. were wearing shoes which were too short.

The public is apparently awakening to this error, judging from the number of advertisements of the so-called orthopedic shoe, appearing in the current magazines, and are endeavoring to correct the same. However, the faults of a lifetime cannot be remedied in a day or a week but require the wearing out of at least one pair of properly fitted shoes before satisfactory results may be expected.