This condition or deformity, usually involving the second toe, causes the middle toe to be permanently bent and project upward. As a result of this prominent upward projection, there is excessive friction with the upper of the shoe, causing painful corns. The whole toe necessarily not taking part in the gripping action of locomotion, all the burden is assumed by the end of the toe which becomes tender, irritated and finally calloused. In addition, the toenail is often forced backward, resulting in a clubbed or ingrowing nail. Treatment can relieve the mild cases to a certain extent. Strap a small pad (►. gauze or felt on top of the toe, either in front of or just back of the prominent joint. Apply two strips of adhesive tape inch wide to hold the toe straight. The first of these strips is placed, sticky side up, on the top of the toe just back of the prominent joint and 1 hen passed under the two adjacent toes, drawn comfortably taut and .made to adhere; the second strip is placed sticky side down, underneath the affected too, just in front of the prominent joint and then passed over the two adjoining toes, drawn taut and made to adhere. Refractory and severe cases should be examined and treated by the Medical Officer.

This toe has no especial peculiarities referable to its deformity. The same conditions involving the other toes, such as Hallux, Hammer Toe, Ingrowing Nails, etc., occur in a similar manner affecting this toe. The conditions being essentially the same so must be the treatment which is given on other pages.