Upon the physiological development and muscular efficiency of the recruit's feet depends largely his future usefulness as a soldier. He is made or broken in the training camp. Comparisons are helpful in explaining a delicate situation. Just as the professional weightlifter can not and does not develop his enormous muscles in a night or day, so it is with the foot muscles of the new arrival in camp. The truth is, we have expected too much of the recruit and have done too little to

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help him. The great majority of men come from sedentary) occupations in civilian life and enter upon an active pedestrian great part is evidenced by the numerous examples of men disabled by foot trouble on the sick-list and awaiting survey. These men represent a loss of time and money to the government and are deadweights and incumbrances to the efficiency of the military machine.

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When the recruit is first received in the service, careful and accurate measurements should be made of the feet, sock sizes estimated and shoes fitted. The work done in these formative periods must be graduated; that is, the distances marched or hiked and equipment borne must be gradually increased

This is done to develop the muscles of the feet, especially under the arch in the sole of the foot, and is left to the discretion of the officer in charge, advised by the surgeon.

At the end of about three months, the feet should be re-measured, sock sizes re-estimated and shoes refitted. Why? Because the muscles of the feet have developed and the feet are thicker, broader and longer so that the previous procedure does not suffice. After this second measurement and fitting, the same size shoe and sock may be worn as long as the individual is in the service; exceptional instances requiring a third measurement and fitting which should be done if complaint is made