To know a shoe and to appreciate fully its construction internally and externally one must necessarily know the names of the different parts. The parts of the shoe, externally from being forward are the lifts of the heel, the face of the heel, breast of the heel, waist or shank, sole, welt, vamp and upper. (See illustration To.) The best way to study the internal construction of a shoe is by a cross-section. In a cross-section the following parts of the shoe are to are seen; the sole, welt, thread holding the welt, upper and insole together (Goodyear Welt), drill lining and vamp of the upper. (See illustration in.)• There are four standard types of internal shoe construction. They are the following:

I. Goodyear welt.

2. McKay sewed.

3. Standard screw.

4. Pegged.

Of these four types, the Goodyear Welt is the most widely used and universally adopted shoe. In manufacturing the Good-year Welt shoe the tracks in the listing are all withdrawn and a machine with a curved needle sews the welt and upper to the insole without entering the shoe cavity. The heavy outsole is then stitched to the welt

This type is superior in its construction to all others for the following reasons:

1. Smooth surface inside.

2. Most durable, efficient and comfortable shoe

3.Outside can easily be renewed.