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  1. Heavy duty PET Strapping Kit

    Heavy duty PET Strapping Kit

    Package purchase is more accounting Tensile strength 500KG about 300M about Steel seal 200 Pcs To handle the PP Strapping Kit please check Learn More
  2. Gumboots Auckland

    Gumboots 8002 without steel cap and bottom

    Scope of Application: food industry、pharmaceuticals industry、chemical industry、scientific research、breeding industry

    Product performance: waterproof、anti acid-base、corrosion-resisting、grease-proof、anti-sliding、wear-proof.

    Quarter height: 360 mm .

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  3. Roof Top Tent

    Roof Top Tent

    13cm roof tent, original design, no need to worry about not being able to go to the basement, no need to worry about not being able to pass the height limit, low wind resistance and noise. If it is thin enough, the center of gravity of the car will be better, and of course it is light enough and safer. 2. For riders who cross-country through mountains and forests, it is more crash resistant than plastic shells, so you don't have to worry about breaking the shells. 3. For an urban SUV, it is thin, not too prominent, and more harmonious. 4. For a small car or a two-box car, it is thin, light, and small in size, so there is no need to carry a big hat. The size and appearance of the tent shell have been changed. The closed outer dimensions of the tent are: 1.48 meters long and 1.18 meters wide. The advantage is that the tent will be collected about 15 seconds faster than before. The appearance changes to a wind guide design,

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  4. Pallet wrap Auckland nz

    Pallet wrap / Stretch film 20 micron 500mmx500m(4.2KG)

    500 mm Width 500 m Length Thickness 20um, Weight 4.2 kg, Clear and puncture resistance, our length is sufficient for you, as our weight is 4.20 kg Hand Pallet wrap competitive in New Zealand.

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  5. Dotted cotton gloves

    Dotted cotton gloves

    65% polyester 35% cotton, 7-pin thicker design, palm-point PVC plastic design to strengthen, grip wear resistance, anti-skid and anti-tear. Suitable for general labor protection.

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  6. Leather pigskin gloves

    Leather pigskin gloves

    Machinery production, handling wear and versatile glove Leather pigskin gloves size 9 Learn More
  7. Cotton Gloves

    Thick Cotton Gloves 12 Pcs / bundle Thick and Ajustable

    The cotton glove Ideal for all types of uses, garden, moving, painting and much more It is really,Machine washable,100% Cotton ,Breathable .

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  8. Gumboots 8013 With Steel toe caps and bottom

    Gumboots 8013 With Steel toe caps and bottom

    Scope of Application: oil fields、mines、construction、chemical industry、fire-fighting and other special working environments

    Product performance: antistatic、wear-proof、anti acid-base、corrosion-resisting、grease-proof、Anti-smashing、puncture-preventative、anti-skidding.

    Quarter height: 380 mm .

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  9. Anti-Microbial Glove

    Anti-Microbial Glove

    Extended Edition 60 cm PVC anti-chemical gloves, using BASF HEXAMOLL? Environmental protection materials, clean and pollution-free. Gloves and cuff combination, 100% PVC material, cotton-free allergy problem, cotton-absorbing lining effectively absorb sweat, long time to keep the hand dry. For chemical processing, Petrochemical and other highly polluting industries.

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  10. Roof Box

    Roof Box 500L

    Roof Box 500 L U-bolt fixing Bottom stiffener Anti-theft lock design Cushion damping folding support rod Nylon strap internal fixation Protective film on the surface Double opening design, easy to open Material: ABS+ASA engineering composite plastic L 1800 H 380 W 780 mm Learn More

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