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Safety Solution Supplements

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  1. Cotton Gloves

    Thick Cotton Gloves 12 Pcs / bundle Thick and Ajustable

    The cotton glove Ideal for all types of uses, garden, moving, painting and much more It is really,Machine washable,100% Cotton ,Breathable .

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  2. Anti-Microbial Glove

    Anti-Microbial Glove

    Extended Edition 60 cm PVC anti-chemical gloves, using BASF HEXAMOLL? Environmental protection materials, clean and pollution-free. Gloves and cuff combination, 100% PVC material, cotton-free allergy problem, cotton-absorbing lining effectively absorb sweat, long time to keep the hand dry. For chemical processing, Petrochemical and other highly polluting industries.

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  3. leather work gLoves

    leather working gLoves

    Stitching leather gloves, palm, thumb and index finger are enhanced protection design, effective protection against mechanical risks, durable and affordable

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  4. Insulation steel toe cap safety shoes

    Insulation Steel Toe Cap Safety Shoes

    Insulation steel toe cap safety shoes is Indian buffalo leather upper, leather thickness greater than 2.0 mm, the new high-quality dual density PU injection sole, SRc grade non-slip, lightweight and comfortable. Basic functions + insulation 6KV.

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  5. PU Coating  Glove

    PU Coating Glove

    PU coating fine operating gloves, seamless polyester knitted gloves, gloves to ensure the dexterity of the performance and good feel. PU coated palm and fingertips, palm-back breathable, elastic cuffs. For electronics, semiconductor, optical disc manufacturing and other fine operation industry.

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  6. Unisversal Roof Rack

    Universal Roof Rack

    Universal Roof Rack

    $70 is for one bar, as most time the front bar width is different from the rear one,

    You can buy two bars and select two different size bars to fit your car better Suit for the Car comes with No roof rail Inform the gap between two Gutters

    after you buy it Your car gate must have a place for the hook to fix the roof rack No anyone roof rack can fit all car, So if it is possible, you can come to our warehouse to check if the roof rack is fit for your car.

    For installation, you can browse

    Don't over-tight the knobs or bolts,

    With this roof rack, it’s a bit noise when driving at high-speed , if you need a quiet one, We recommend and

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  7. Earmuffs Auckland

    Delta 103008 Earmuffs Need use with Hard Hat

    High toughness shell, can be quickly adjusted in place when used, turned up when not in use , buckle on the hat, Can be assorted with most companies helmets,Standard EN 352-3 Learn More
  8. Roof Box

    Roof Box 500L

    Roof Box 500 L U-bolt fixing Bottom stiffener Anti-theft lock design Cushion damping folding support rod Nylon strap internal fixation Protective film on the surface Double opening design, easy to open Material: ABS+ASA engineering composite plastic L 1800 H 380 W 780 mm Learn More
  9. universal roof rack

    universal roof rack

    $115 is for one bar, one set two bar is $230 as the most time two bar is a different size so it is better to select two sizes

    This is a new design universal roof rack suit for no roof rail car, No noise,

    easy to install, Totaly steel connection, easy to fit different car Product Material: Aviation aluminum alloy. stainless steel, Manganese Steel Loading capacity: 150kg Size: Width:78mm thickness:20mm Adjustable Length: 8cm Color: Shaft: Silver. Heads on both sides: black Support reserve bolt hole connection, the reserve bolt hole is generally located under the rain gutter strip or cover. reference as photo 10 Learn More
  10. PP Strapping Kit

    PP Strapping Kit

    Package purchase is more accounting Tensile strength 500KG about 300M about Steel seal 200 Pcs To handle the PP Strapping Kit please check Learn More

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