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  1. Car Awning

    Car Awning 2.0x2.5 Meter

    Car Awning 2.0x2.5 Meter Easy to install to normal roof rack The size is 2 meters by 2.5 meters, and 2.5 meters go out of the car.

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  2. Rooftop Tent

    Rooftop Tent

    13cm roof tent, original design, no need to worry about not being able to go to the basement, no need to worry about not being able to pass the height limit, low wind resistance and noise. If it is thin enough, the center of gravity of the car will be better, and of course it is light enough and safer. 2. For riders who cross-country through mountains and forests, it is more crash resistant than plastic shells, so you don't have to worry about breaking the shells. 3. For an urban SUV, it is thin, not too prominent, and more harmonious. 4. For a small car or a two-box car, it is thin, light, and small in size, so there is no need to carry a big hat. The size and appearance of the tent shell have been changed. The closed outer dimensions of the tent are: 1.48 meters long and 1.18 meters wide. The advantage is that the tent will be collected about 15 seconds faster than before. The appearance changes to a wind guide design,

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  3. car door pedal

    Car Door Pedal (Roof Box Accessories)

    Car Door Pedal (Roof Box Accessories) Safety Hammer, Pick up something from Roof Box on the car roof Condition: Brand New Material: Aluminium alloy Color: Black *Product Size: Approx. 147x76x77mm Net Weight: Approx. 286g maximum load is 250 kg Learn More
  4. Raised roof rail Roof Rack

    Raised roof rail Roof Rack

    Raised roof rail Roof Rack

    One bar is 90 and two bar is 180, as the most time the front bar width is different from the rear one, You can buy two bar and select two different size bar to fit your car better Thickened Metal Chuck

    Duplicate of use metal is more stable

    Anti theft lock

    Panoramic Sunroof

    A soft board inside and outside the package which increase the friction slip not to hurt the car paint

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  5. 14 Inch Inflatable Laptop Protective Bag

    14 Inch Inflatable Laptop Protective Bag

    Inflatable airbags for laptops are protective cushions designed to safeguard laptops from impact and potential damage. These airbags are typically made from durable materials and filled with air to create a cushioning effect. They can be used to provide additional protection while transporting laptops in bags or backpacks. Learn More
  6. Machine Pallet Wrap

    Machine Pallet Wrap 20 micron 500mmx1630m(18KG)

    Machine Pallet Wrap 20 micron:

    Machine Pallet Wrap 20 micron

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  7. Gumboots Auckland

    Gumboots 8023 With Steel toe cap without steel bottoms

    Scope of Application: oil fields,mines,construction,chemical industry,fire-fighting and other special working environments

    Product performance: antistatic,wear-proof,anti acid-base,corrosion-resisting,grease-proof,Anti-smashing,anti-skidding.

    Quarter height: 380 mm .

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  8. Ovall Of Safety Shoes

    Fashion Steel Toe Cap Safety Shoes Fashion Safety Shoes

    Fashion safety shoes Lightweight breathable safety shoes, matte leather uppers, dual density PU injection sole, anti-smashing, anti-piercing, anti-static, abrasion resistance, oil-resistance,Energy absorber heel,,Slip-resistant studded sole. Learn More
  9. Heavy duty PET Strapping Kit

    Heavy duty PET Strapping Kit

    Package purchase is more accounting Tensile strength 500KG about 300M about Steel seal 200 Pcs To handle the PP Strapping Kit please check Learn More
  10. Roof Cargo Boxes 480L

    Roof Cargo Boxes 480L

    Roof Box 480 L The volume is about 480 L imprecise U-bolt fixing,hassle free installation Bottom stiffener Anti-theft lock design Cushion damping folding support rod Nylon strap internal fixation Protective film on the surface Dual side opening Comes with 2 load securing straps Material: ABS+ASA engineering composite plastic L1640 mm W750 mm H 380mm Net Weight 13kg Weight about 13kg The roof rack distance range from 65.5cm-94.5cm by 2.25 cm step We have another size roof box as well Roof box 600 L As the box is big volumn, Home deliverly will charge expensive deliverly fee and can not estimate how much will happen, We just deliver to the courier dept or your commerical address, Thanks Depot pick up only available at metro city nearest TGE(Toll) depot The tge depot address is Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 33 total

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