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Safety Solution Supplements

Packaging Material

Kiwisafety supply packaging material includes carton stretch film bubble wrap and Packaging Tape in New Zealand, Our aim is to reduce the packaging material budget of your company.

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  1. Packaging Tape

    48mm*100m Packaging Tape 72 rolls/box

    Packaging Tape Extra sticky and Anti-stretching,It is ideal for a range of uses at home and in the office. We understand High quality and reasonable price in competitive in trading.We just supply better product to our customer,

    Learn More
  2. Air column coil

    Air column coil 250mmx300m Air Bag

    Thickness 65 um Single column width 3cm before inflating, 2cm after inflatable Inflatable width is shortened 4-5cm One meter about 33 Column, Can be cut, Anti-shock and drop Reduce the packaging process Learn More
  3. cardboard boxes for moving

    Cartons 260x205x148mm (5-Ply) 100/Bundle cardboard boxes

    No.2 Cartons 260x205x148 mm (5-Ply) Bundle of 100 cardboard boxes Good quality, 5 ply carton Suit for put 2 bottle milk powder Learn More
  4. cardboard boxes for moving

    Cartons 265x265x180 mm (5-Ply) 100/Bundle cardboard boxes

    No. 4 Carton 265x265x180mm (5-Ply) Bundle of 100 Good quality, 5 ply carton Suit for put 4 bottle milk powder Made of strong durable corrugated Cardboard these are strong enough to be used with confidence in the couriering of parcels Learn More

4 Item(s)

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