Suzuki Grand Vitara Roof Rack Suzuki Grand Vitara Roof Rack comes with Two reserve bolt hole, So we install with universal roof rack


Installing the Suzuki Grand Vitara's roof rack is a straightforward process, despite the unique inside lip roof rail feature that sets it apart. These inside lip roof rails, not commonly found in traditional roof racks, may make the installation seem initially challenging due to their distinctive design. However, the manufacturer has ensured that the rack aligns seamlessly with these rails. Locate the pre-installed mounting points on your Grand Vitara's roof, which accommodate the inside lip roof rail system. Then, securely attach the roof rack, using the provided fasteners while taking care not to overtighten. This user-friendly installation guarantees a snug fit, making your Grand Vitara ready for adventure with convenient and secure rooftop cargo storage.

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Suzuki Grand Vitara Roof Rack