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Roof Box

Kiwisafety offers a comprehensive selection of Roof Boxes in North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand. Price range from $400 to $750,Purchase Roof Boxes at an affordable price, and our primary concern is hassle-free installation. For more details, please call 09 215 3695.

There are 4 size 400L, 500L, 550L and 730L roof box can meet th need from car to van SUV and UTE.

Proper Roof Box Installation Guidelines:

  1. Placement: The correct positioning of a roof box significantly impacts vehicle balance and safety. It should be centered on the roof rack, avoiding extreme forward or rearward placement. Ensure unrestricted full opening of rear doors or access panels without any obstructions.

  2. Parallel Alignment: The Roof Box should be parallel to the road surface. This alignment minimizes wind resistance and reduces both wind and sun noise during driving.

  3. Roof Rack Selection: The roof rack serves as the foundational support for the entire weight of the roof box and stored items. Choosing an appropriate, sturdy roof rack is paramount for safety.

For a worry-free travel experience with your Roof Box, rely on Kiwisafety's expertise and quality offerings.

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