Stretch stretch film is a kind of self-adhesive, tensile characteristics of the packaging film, suitable for a variety of product packaging, packaging, high efficiency, packaging material savings. Stretch film manufacturers in the production, pay attention to process methods, scientific formula, etc., to enhance the performance of stretch film to make it a better packaging effect

1.The use of casting production, the tensile stretch film is very high transparency, and, elongation is also increased, puncture strength and tear resistance is also greatly enhanced, so the stretch film is more durable, more secure packaging.

2.The density of the material also has an effect on the properties of the stretch film. If the density is increased, the orientation is high, the flatness is good, the elongation in the longitudinal direction is high, and the yield strength is high, but its transverse tear strength and puncture strength The decline, we should pay attention to the amount of non-sticky layer of LDPE added to ensure the overall performance of the stability.

3.The addition of the LDPE material reduces the coefficient of friction of the non-adhesive layer and controls the stickiness of the stretched film, thus avoiding adhesion of the packaging film to the product or pallet.

What are the factors that affect the performance of stretch film