Machine stretch film is the machine on the turntable, wrapped around the film wrapped in the product, and that there are lifts to bring the winding film to do up and down movement to complete the product as a whole packaging. This packaging procedure is faster and saves manpower and time. For this stretch film requirements of the thickness of 20mic-45mic, width 45CM-100CM, stretch rate of 300% -500

Hand stretched film is more prominent feature of the operation can be anytime, anywhere, do not need to move to a specific location, occupying an area is relatively small, for the production of small customers. For hand stretch film requirements thickness 15mic-20mic, the minimum thickness of 0.007mm, width requirements in the range of 5cm-45CM, and the tensile rate of 200% -400%, compared to the machine stretch stretch film, hand With stretch stretch film stretch rate is smaller, probably because the force exerted by the machine than the human large%, in performance and size to meet the requirements of machine to ensure good packaging.

Difference between machine and hand stretch film