Stretch Film. Is a transparent, flexible and strength of the soft plastic film. In the early time LLDPE stretches film produced by blown , and now to produce LLDPE stretch film by casting , because of the production line with a thickness of uniform thickness, transparency, superior strength, suitable for high-rate pre-stretching needs . Because the single-layer casting can not be single-sided adhesive, the application area is limited. Single, double-cast in the selection of the three-tier cast on the wide, high cost of the formula, it is still a three-tier co-extruded structure is more popular.

Viscous manipulation, excellent viscosity of the goods outside the packaging layer and the layer of sticky together to make the goods strong, excellent stretch film equipment used 7042 material produced by the stretch film itself has a certain viscosity, based on the viscosity of different needs , There are two main ways to increase the viscosity: one is to increase the polymer in the PIB or its masterbatch; the other is blending VLDPE

Stretch film application of a wide range, mainly in cooperation with the use of the tray, sporadic products for the entire set of packaging, instead of small containers. Because it can reduce the cost of bulk goods transport packaging more than 30%, it is widely used in metal, mineral, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, machinery and other goods on the whole set of packaging;

The produce Process of stretch film/pallet wrap