Pre-stretching is performed by two rollers. Roller pre-stretching the two rollers are linked together by the gear unit, the drawing ratio can be different according to gear ratio And tension is generated by the turntable because the stretching is generated within a short distance, the friction between the roller and the film is large, so the film width does not shrink, the film The original puncture performance also maintained down. The actual winding without stretching occurs, reducing the sharp edges or corners caused by the fracture, this pre- The draw ratio can be increased to 110% by stretching. The pre-stretching mechanism of the electric pre-stretching is the same as that of the roller pre-stretching, except that the two rolls are driven by electricity, and the stretching is completely independent of the rotation of the tray. and so More adaptable, light, heavy, no rules of the goods are applicable, due to low tension packaging, so this method up to 300% pre-stretch ratio, Substantial savings in materials to reduce costs. Suitable for film thickness 15 ~ 24μm.

Process and Properties of Stretch Film/pallet film