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Roof Box

Kiwisafety supplies Roof Box in North Shore Auckland New Zealand, Our aim is to supply suitable Roof Boxes at an affordable price, Call 09 215 3695 For more detail, Roof Boxes are available in three sizes Roof Box 400L, Roof Box 500L, and Roof Box 600l to fit different size car fishing gear or skis to golf clubs, camping equipment, a baby carriage is often put inside the roof box

The Roof Box is a suitcase, which is used in conjunction with the roof rack to additional storage space for things like sleeping bags, suitcases, sports bags, and outdoor or camping equipment. The following are the precautions for installing the roof box:

1. Installation location:

The Roof Box should be installed in the middle of the roof rack to ensure that the load-bearing weight can be evenly distributed to the two crossbars so that the force is evenly distributed. The installation position of the roof box should not be too far back or too forward: make sure that the rear door of the vehicle is fully opened or the alarm cover is folded up and fully opened, and it will not push the Roof Box.

2. Keep parallel to the road:

The Roof Box should be parallel to the road surface, which will ensure the minimum amount of wind and sun and wind noise during driving.

3. Roof rack options:

As the basic frame, the roof rack has to bear all the weight of the roof box and storage items, which is very important for safety. Therefore, you must choose a brand roof rack.

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