Manual hydraulic pallet jack

It is especially suitable for the loading and unloading of inflammable, explosive and fire-prohibiting product in vehicles, loading and unloading, workshop, warehouse, dock, station, freight yard. Due to the particularity of the work, so the correct use of manual hydraulic pallet jack method is very important to the general manual hydraulic PALLET JACK the correct use methods is as below:

1, in a good road, pallet jack rated lifting capacity of 3 tons, operation in poor road conditions , the weight should be appropriate to reduce and speed.

2. when Carry cargo over a slope of more than 7 ° the cargo should above the slope. Manual hydraulic pallet jack shall not make a sudden brake to prevent the goods slide out. In the handling of a large volume of goods, the goods against the line of sight, the pallet jack should keep low speed.

3, after a day of work, manual hydraulic pallet jack should be parked in the designated location.

4, in the loading of goods, the size of the goods should be adjusted to the height of the fork The weight of the goods should be an average of the two fork points to avoid partial load to the goods side slip, Fork inserted into the pile, the fork wall should be in contact with the cargo side and then adjust the height of the pallet jack lift 20 mm above the ground and then drive.

5, without the consent of the management of any person shall not use a manual hydraulic pallet jack. In order to improve the service life of the forklift and prevent accidents, in order to maintain the best operation of the forklift and the normal operation of the zero, the machine must be strictly in the course of regular maintenance.

6, check the manual hydraulic pallet jack parts and fittings for damage to the pipeline, loose and oil spills.

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