Safety Code of Pallet Jack


To regulate the safe operation of Pallet Jack, to avoid the occurrence of mechanical injury, to ensure the normal operation of the machine, to protect the safety of employees and to ensure the safety of the equipment itself.

2. major hazard source

impact, falling, rolling

3.Work procedures

3.1 Safety check before use of the equipment

3.1.1 Check the hydraulic cylinder for leaks before use.

3.1.2 Check that the pulley unit is in use before use.

3.1.3 Check the pulley device before use to see if there is any foreign object wound and clean.

3.1.4 Check any one of the above failure to prohibit the use of equipment

3.2 Pallet jack operation

3.2.1 Put the goods neatly on the pallet

3.2.2 fully inserted into the shelves inside pallet jack

3.2.3 Raised to the appropriate height of Pallet jack, you can pull.

3.2.4 After pulling the goods to the destination, stop and lowering the forks to the lowest position to start the discharge

3. Safety precautions

3.3.1 pallet jack can only be operated by one person, the worker of manual hydraulic pallet truck must wear safety shoes.

3.3.2 The pallet jack should not be overloaded or biased (single fork) during loading. The weight of the load must be within the allowable load of the loader.

3.3.3 The pallet jack is not allowed to overload the long-term standing goods

3.3.4 Is strictly prohibited from falling from the height of the goods on the pallet jack

3.3.5 to be fully placed in the bottom of the pallet jack, the goods crossed, to maintain the smooth operation of the goods before pulling movement.

3.3.6 Unstable or loosely packed cargo is strictly prohibited.

3.3.7 pallet jack in the handling process to put the fork in a low position as far as possible, so as not to drop the goods

3.3.8 forbidden to hand and feet under the fork during drop fork

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