1. Hydraulic pallet jack simple structure and understanding of the hydraulic pallet jack:

from the small cargo handling hydraulic handling equipment. Is the most convenient, most effective, the most common loading and unloading, pallet transportation tools. Hydraulic pallet trucks are widely used in various types of warehouses, factories, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, airports, sports venues, airport stations and so on. Here we understand the structure of the hydraulic pallet truck:

(1) handle control (2) handle (3) hydraulic pump (4) fork (5) steering wheel

pallet jack

2. Step Description:

1. Obtain the manual hydraulic pallet truck from ①, (the initial state of the equipment: the handle and the fork into a vertical state);

2.At the ② place, fork to take the pallets of the box;

3. Manual pallet jack handling pallet to ④;

4. manual hydraulic pallet truck to ③ Department.

5. In turn, the pallet and the pallet jack are returned to their original positions

pallet jack

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