Manual hydraulic pallet jack daily troubleshooting

We know the pallet jack fork does not rise in the cause of the problem need be dealt with in a timely manner, manual hydraulic pallet jack in the entire transport process plays an irreplaceable role, so the use of the process must pay attention to maintenance, So that our work efficiency has been greatly improved, the following are manual hydraulic truck common faults and solutions:

1, manual pallet jack fork can not be reduced

Cause Analysis: pressure valve is not adjusted, the cylinder piston rod position offset, due to partial load caused by damage to parts or deformation

Solution :Remove the positive pressure relief valve, replace the piston rod or cylinder, repair or replace the relevant parts

2, no pressure, the fork fell

Analysis: hydraulic oil mix in the air, there are impurities in the hydraulic oil, anti-pressure valve is not a good seal damage

Solution: Remove the air, replace the clean hydraulic oil, adjust the anti-pressure valve, replace the new seal

3, the fork does not rise

Analysis: There are impurities in the hydraulic oil, pressure valve did not transfer well, there is air in the hydraulic oil

Solution: replace the clean hydraulic oil, adjust the pressure relief valve, remove the air pump

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