The history of Pallet

Pallet is a horizontal platform device for loading, stacking, handling and transporting cargo and articles as unit loads. General use of wood, metal, fiberboard production, ease of handling, handling unit materials and small quantities of materials. The main types of trays are wood, plastic, metal and other materials, wood is now the most widely used, because of its cheap, strong; plastic tray more expensive point, load is also small, but with the plastic tray manufacturing process, Some heavy-duty plastic pallets have emerged and are slowly replacing wooden pallets. Metal tray strong and durable, the disadvantage is easy to corrosion, the price is higher. In the computer, the tray often refers to a small piece of the lower right corner of the program, that is, "notification area", play a notice \ reminder \ notes \ warnings and so on, so that users can make the appropriate shortcuts. Plastic pallet is the use of the most advanced patented technology, the production of plastic-wood materials, assembled by the various specifications, size tray, pad. It combines the advantages of wooden pallets and plastic pallets and steel pallets and basically abandon its shortcomings, the price is lower than other types of pallets; products with high strength, good toughness, deformation, not moisture absorption, no mildew, Corrosion, anti-aging, easy processing, low-cost, recyclable, non-polluting and so on. Import and export process in the use of the tray size are generally 110 * 980 * 20 (CM)

Pallet Jack