Something need to know before use pallet jack

1, should be based on different environments, use a different working oil. When the ambient temperature at -5 ~ +45 'C, please use the synthetic mirror oil, the oil must be added to clean, so as not to affect the normal work of the hydraulic system.

2, should be checked before use ministries structure is normal, the connection parts are loose phenomenon.

3, the goods should be spread on the fork surface, not about the tilt or single fork hoisting to prevent damage to the parts or goods overturned after the accident.

4, after the end of the operation, the goods should be unloaded, and the car into a low position, not for a long time will be heavy pressure on the fork.

5, the pallet jack in the transport process, may be due to inverted reasons, the hydraulic system into the air, resulting in slow or pressure from the piston rod up to work requirements. Should be no load conditions, the pallet jack placed in the low-release position, while pulling the grapple, back and forth several times to return to normal.

Something need to know before use pallet jack