Stretch film/pallet wrap characteristics

Unitization: This is one of the most important properties of Stretch film/pallet wrap packaging. With the film super-winding force and retraction.

Primary protection: The primary protection provides the surface protection of the product, forming a very light, protective surface around the product, thus achieving dust, oil, moisture, water, anti-theft purposes. Particularly important is the wrapping film packaging to uniform force on the packaging items to avoid damage caused by uneven force, which is the traditional packaging (strapping, packaging, tape and another packaging) can not be done.

Compression fixability: the winding Stretch film/pallet wrap by the retraction force of the product packaging, forming a compact, space-free unit as a whole, so that the products are closely wrapped around the tray, which can effectively prevent the process of transport products And the adjustable tension force can make the hard product close, so that soft product tightening, especially in the tobacco industry and the textile industry has a unique packaging effect.

Cost-saving: the use of Stretch film/pallet wrap for product packaging, can effectively reduce the use of cost, the use of Stretch film/pallet wraps only about 15 percent of the original box packaging, shrinking about 35 percent of the film, carton packaging about 50 percent. At the same time can reduce the labor intensity, improve packaging efficiency and packaging grades.

In summary, the field of application of Stretch film/pallet wrap is very wide, while many areas of domestic has not been involved, has been involved in many areas are not widely used, with the expansion of application areas, the amount of Stretch film/pallet wrap will greatly increase, Its market potential is immeasurable. So we need to vigorously promote the production and application of the tensile film.

Stretch film/pallet wrap

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