The advantages pallet wrap as a packaging material

1.Can reduce packaging costs

Packaging the same volume of goods,Pallet wrap compares with shrink film the amount can be reduced by 1/3

2.Compare with ordinary packaging film, to finish bundled packaging work. Can be exempted from a lot of accessories (such as packing tape, tried to play rope, cardboard angle, the buckle, etc.). And can simplify the packaging equipment, saving a lot of power energy.

3. A pallet wrap can tighten the goods as a whole, the decline in the process of storage and transportation of goods damaged, collapsed, scattered package phenomenon. One ton of pallet goods. After wrapping around. A maximum tilting angle of up to 45 degrees

4. The goods can be waterproof and dust-proof by wrapping around. Transparency is still high. Easy to distinguish the varieties of packaged goods. the pallet wrap is not toxic, there is no taste. Can meet the requirements of food hygiene function.

The advantages of pallet wrap as a packaging material