Machine Pallet Wrap classification

According to the packaging equipment , the machine pallet wrap can be divided into "pre-stretch" and "resistance to stretching"

1, The resistance of stretch-type machine: refers to the resistance by stretching the resistance of the resistance mechanism, the stretch film pulled out when the passive slower than the speed of the pallet cargo rotation, and then pull the film was wrapped around the same time to Above the cargo. Because the resistance can be adjusted to "zero", any quality of the pallet wrap film or ordinary plastic film can be used, but for lighter, higher goods, can not achieve stable packaging, and high film consumption.

2.Pre-stretch-type machine: refers to the pre-stretched film frame mechanism, the pallet wrap film in accordance with the pre-set "stretch ratio" stretch after wrapped around the tray of goods. Its advantages are uniform film, beautiful packaging, adaptability (ultra-light, ultra-high goods can be used), and under the same conditions than the "resistance to stretch" type of saving supplies 30 to 50%. The machine should be packaged in bulk, should be configured the machine, high efficiency, uniform appearance, packaging, good quality, and speed.

Scope of application:

Glass fiber, non-woven fabrics, carbon black, chemical products, electronic products boxes, ceramic products, mechanical and electrical equipment,

Machine Pallet Wrap classification