What is the reason for the pallet wrap to break across the membrane?

pallet wrap membrane rupture of the phenomenon of many, especially for the relatively low tensile thickness of the membrane is more common, and transverse rupture in the production process is most common, high-speed transverse stretch film is the most likely to rupture, we Generally, transverse rupture is divided into three types, longitudinal rupture, and rupture, and the following are the reasons for the analysis of three types of transverse rupture. There are many reasons for transverse rupture of membranes, the specific can be divided into:

1, the raw materials contain large differences in performance of impurities (such as low molecular weight oil, etc.); 2, the castings have significant horizontal stripes, bubbles; 3, a variety of obvious transverse pull before the rupture factor to further expand (longitudinal thickness 5, the filter damage, high-quality film castings impurity 6, the head leakage of material 7, roller crush; 8, the surface pressure is too large; 4, Scrap, equipment, scratch the film; 9, extrusion, longitudinal stretching temperature is set improper; 10, the top of the oven and the air duct on the accumulation of volatile substances fall on the film

What is the reason for the pallet wrap to break across the membrane