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  1. Air column coil 350mmx300m Air Bag

    Air column coil 350mmx300m Air Bag

    Thickness 65 um Single column width 3cm before inflating, 2cm after inflatable Inflatable width is shortened 4-5cm One meter about 33 Column, Can be cut, Anti-shock and drop Reduce the packaging process Learn More
  2. Red wine air bags

    Red wine air bags gas column bag with 7 column

    Cushion packaging is also known as shockproof packaging. The principle of cushion packaging is air expansion. It is packaging that can slow down the impact and shock of the contents inside and protect them from damage. Cushion packaging is made of Low Density Polyethylene,and now it has become a commonly used eco-friendly transparent flexible packaging materials. It has various kinds of products,like double filling bag,single-deck air filling bag,column bag and so on. It can be used to warp or ship different of products. Also Supply air pump for Convenient fill gas Learn More

2 Item(s)

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