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Bubble Wrap

 Kiwisafety offers a wide range of bubble wrap sizes and inflatable air column cushioning sleeves for packaging purposes in Auckland, New Zealand. Our primary goal is to help your company minimize its bubble wrap expenses. We provide various options to cater to your specific packaging needs while ensuring efficient protection for your items during transit. Feel free to explore our selection and discover cost-effective solutions for your packaging requirements.

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  1. Thickened tear-off inflatable pillow

    Thickened tear-off inflatable pillow

    Harness is a personal protective equipment prior to use, it must be adjusted to fit the wearer wears size. Sitting belt and leg straps must be a one-time adjustment to the appropriate location, and Is located between the shoulder blades with. Lace should be close to the body, but not tight enough to prevent the user from moving around. The buffer is connected to one end of the seat belt hanging point on top of the user

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