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Bubble Wrap

 Kiwisafety offers a wide range of bubble wrap sizes and inflatable air column cushioning sleeves for packaging purposes in Auckland, New Zealand. Our primary goal is to help your company minimize its bubble wrap expenses. We provide various options to cater to your specific packaging needs while ensuring efficient protection for your items during transit. Feel free to explore our selection and discover cost-effective solutions for your packaging requirements.

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  1. Red wine air bags

    Wine Bottle Protector air Bags with 7 column

    Cushion packaging is also known as shockproof packaging. The principle of cushion packaging is air expansion. It is packaging that can slow down the impact and shock of the contents inside and protect them from damage. Cushion packaging is made of Low Density Polyethylene,and now it has become a commonly used eco-friendly transparent flexible packaging materials. It has various kinds of products,like double filling bag,single-deck air filling bag,column bag and so on. It can be used to warp or ship different of products. Also Supply air pump for Convenient fill gas Learn More
  2. 14 Inch Inflatable Laptop Protective Bag

    14 Inch Inflatable Laptop Protective Bag

    Inflatable airbags for laptops are protective cushions designed to safeguard laptops from impact and potential damage. These airbags are typically made from durable materials and filled with air to create a cushioning effect. They can be used to provide additional protection while transporting laptops in bags or backpacks. Learn More

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