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Pallet Wrap

Kiwisafety supplies many sizes of Pallet Wrap/stretch film in Auckland New Zealand, Our aim is to reduce the Pallet Wrap/stretch film budget of your company.

There are several different pallet wrap selling on my website

1. Clear pallet wrap, For regular use

2 Black pallet wraps make the product invisible

3 Machine pallet wrap is an essential tool for many businesses that rely on the safe and secure transportation and storage of goods.

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  1. Machine Pallet Wrap

    Machine Pallet Wrap 23 micron 500mmx1420m(18KG)

    Machine stretches film mixed with a metallocene, with a high tensile strength and puncture performance. The stretching ratio is 2.5-4 times,The stretching rate is 300%, and product stability, in particular, uniform film thickness, the use of stretch film is to ensure that the consumption low, reducing the overall cost.

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  2. Machine Pallet Wrap

    Machine Pallet Wrap 20 micron 500mmx1630m(18KG)

    Machine Pallet Wrap 20 micron:

    Machine Pallet Wrap 20 micron

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